The best gift ever?


Uncle Google will not greatly increase visitor number to your new business website for several weeks or months.

This “The Bees Knees Business Knowledge Network (free until 1 July 2019) “ aka “Cloud Tradeshow Support Group” is my way of “Paying it Forward.”

This group is a shared space where the businesses can share their journeys and ideas, support each other, promote their businesses, and link to their websites and social media.

Your early customers may be from someone in this group or from someone they know or meet.

My gift to you, this group may arguably be the biggest gift from an attendee during any PopUp course.

Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth!

Post today!

Look at these posts to get an idea of what you can do:

Remember to read the instructions.

You do not need to have set up your Weebly website before you do this.
You can edit your post later.

WordPress makes people an author of a group (so that they can write a post)  by sending out an invite to you! I need your email address before I can do this.

Email me if you have not yet received an invite from me to join this group (if you would like to join)!
In your email, please include your email address and the URL (name) of your website.


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