Ryde On Time


Fakalofa lahi atu! My name is Patii Tulisi.  Born and raised in Pt Chevalier and Glendene, my family and I currently reside in Avondale. I am of Niuean descent hailing from the villages of Liku & Mutalau.

The idea of providing a direct service (ride share) from the suburbs to Auckland City came about after listening to my wife and daughter complain about inadequate bus and train services i.e. not on time, no shows, mechanical malfunctions etc. When I posed the question to family, work, friends and community about whether they too felt the same about the current public transport system being unreliable, their answers were unanimous. Our bus and train services were lacking a direct service to the City.

​Thus “Ryde On Time” was born! An alternate ‘ride share’ direct service, saving time, money, frustration and reducing carbon on the roads.

My long term goal for “Ryde on Time” is to be able to extend our services to other suburbs.

I am currently trialing my services in different West Auckland services this month.

To find out more check out

Facebook @rydeontime

Ryde On Time Website


Or contact via Email: rydeontimenz@gmail.com

Thank you,

Pa Tulisi



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  1. Ruth Ann Herd says:

    Hey Pati, good to meet you at the PUBSA. I just realised I know some of your relatives from Niue. I used to work with Laufoli Tulisi at Waitemata DHB. lol


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