Instructions & Subscription (maybe free?)

You are welcome to have one post per business in this group.

Earn more $$$$! Easy as BizAds 1-2-3.

Who is going to buy from you? Get more visitors to your website and make more sales!


Read the pdf document: The Cloud Tradeshow Support Group aka Bizads123

Money-back guarantee!

No fees until 1 July.

No fees after July if you have had at least two business friends join the previous month  (not from a PopUp group). Conditions apply.

No MLM or Affiliate marketing.

PopUp Business School attendees special price*- Ask Alan

Trade Fair attendees and other PopUp attendees special price*- Ask Alan

* Note: To qualify for this offer, you must set up your login to this site and to WordPress  before the expiry date (30 May 2019).

Please promote this site on your own pages.
We do not want this site to be the best kept secret in the world!

Value proposition:
Our website helps you earn more money by driving more customers to your website to make more sales (unlike other people’s websites which may be the best kept secret in the world).

Outrageous offer:
Money-back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied within two weeks.

To add your own ad/page (like this one, as long as you like), Alan will need to add you as an author (Contact Alan) including your email address (see below). Alan will email you confirmed costs.

When you email Alan, you will receive a reply like this:


Link your page (post) to your website and social media!

Click on Write (top right) to add your own post (one post per person).

You may not need a gmail (Google) email address:  an email address ending in
You may already have a gmail email address anyway. Otherwise you can create one for free here.

You will also need to Login to WordPress to add your own post to promote your site(s).

The first picture in your post, the heading, and the first line(s) will appear on the main page (created automatically). Example:


Click the Add button (top left) to add a picture, then Click on Media.

If you want to link to your other sites (e.g. Weebly or Facebook), highlight your text, then click on the link button (to the left of the speech mark).

Click on Update (top right) to update your post, then Click on Visit post (top right).

Your ad will appear next to this post (until someone else adds another ad).

When you are ready to save (publish) your post, Click on Publish or Update (top right)- you may need to do this twice.

You can EDIT your post later.

Click on HOME to see all the ads (Home page).

Please mention (link to) this site on your other websites. We need as many people as possible to know about this site.


Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

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The letter F appears seven times in the sentence. Shhh! Don’t tell anyone!


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